Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Surfers Ritual

We know it all to well, The Surfers Ritual. The drive around to check the waves, the last minute sms to all other surfers in the universe when the perfect location is decided upon, the towel change, the wetsuit dance, the key hide. The ocean.

A happy Husband.


  1. Hi there. First time reader here and just wanted to say I love your blog. Also, your photos are incredible and your husband is extremely good looking in that surfer, bohemian, gypsy, james dean, modern man kinda way.

    *Everything about being a first time reader in this comment is false. The rest - true*

  2. Oh this brings back memories of growing up with a dad and brother whose lives revolved around the waves. The wetsuit dance, hours spent "checking out the surf" and hiding the keys were all so familiar. Let's not forget waxing the board too. I wonder if the "Mrs Palmer's Five Daughters" brand is still around? Though back then there were no sms's to send.

  3. It is indeed a dance I love to watch.

    We went for our first swim of the season yesterday and I had to wuss out as the water was just that bit too cold for me.
    Captain V said it was exhilarating but I just couldn't cut it for longer than three minutes.

    We were blessed with dolphins frolicking 'out the back' though and that was good enough for me.

    Happy day Lovely!
    xx Felicity

  4. Sounds amazing, I always wanted to be a surfer girl, unfortunately I'm scared of the waves :-/

  5. I'd love to be able to surf...maybe I can. I've never tried. I love watching people surf though. :)

  6. Glad he had a good time. Make for a better life when we can do things we love.

  7. Ah yes I remember those days well...my parents own a boatshed on the beach where I grew up in NZ and it is THE BEST place to surf!! My brothers and I hit the waves every chance we got :)

  8. Nice to meet you! I love your images, they really tell a story.


    p.s. *wet suit dance* = classic.

  9. This is something I know all too well too -
    No point fighting it though - Grumpy no waves husband is no fun at all!!

  10. Haha this sounds like my guy. We drive from beach to beach to beach before he decides where he's going to go out. Then, we watch it for about 5-10 mins (he's got to watch a set first). Before a quick kiss and a little skip/run (shall we call it a skun?) down to the water x

  11. Haha, love it! Fab pics. And a happy husband is as good as a happy wife. It's nice for us all to have something that makes our heart soar :o) xo

  12. Sounds so familiar! love your blog :)


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