Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm a Bogan

I love it when my fave bloggers do Vlogs (and when Claire posts movies of her singing to Lalie) because I get to hear them speak and it's another part of the puzzle. I'm often surprised by this audio insight, their voices are not always what I had expected. Thats exactly why there will never be a vlog from me, i'm not sure if you know- but i'm a bogan. I have a nasal voice and i drop the 'g' all the time 'ay (not really, i would never drop the 'g').

And I dink V.B in a tin. A TIN you hear.

Oh, feel free to mock  like me over here.


  1. Oh dear, VB in a can. So it's official then, you really are a bogan!

  2. Yep, guilty of the "ay" too. Not one for the VB (bad experience with it in my teens..) but I'm with you on the tin. It stays colder and just tastes better somehow, doesn't it?

  3. I was nodding away until the very end Em when I was definitely shaking my head - love a cold beer especially in summer, but can't drink it from a can, it's glass all the way for me I'm afraid.


  4. I'm a bogan too. My husband is American, and his family still to this day struggle to understand me at times.

  5. hahaha!

    I would also never do a vlog, as every time I hear myself, I'm convinced I talk like a man!

    As in husky, manly.

    As in, so not vlog worthy :)

  6. where's the thumbs up thingy - this post needs one!!
    ...and for the record - i'm a glass girl (not fussed if it's a bottle or an actual 'glass'. just saying!

  7. Hahaha as if anyone that pretty that loves the crochet could be a bogan. I don't believe it!

  8. ha ha ha!!!

    Funny I was thinking about video blogging this am and wondered the thoughts that would come from it...

  9. we all have a bit of bogan in us! x

  10. Oh is my voice AWFUL? It is right? RIGHT?!

  11. You're such a pretty bogan Emily :o) But ditto from me, I could NEVER do a vlog, for fear of hearing my own voice played back.
    It was torment enough listening to my speech at our wedding, on a dodgy home video my sis-in-law took... afterall I chose NOT to have a professional wedding video made up, why on earth did I have to be punished with a scratchy replay of my voice, with no sufficient editing or music over the top to drown me out ;o)
    Yep, bogan springs to mind here too!

  12. Haha! So funny...I won't do a vlog either because I don't want to shock the people that don't know me in real life with how deep my voice is!! Yep...I sound like a man (sort of) haha.

    But I do love when other bloggers vlog as well :)

  13. V.B! This is the post that made me realise that you are Australian (well I hope that you are and that I haven't misunderstood your desire to drink icky beer) :D


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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