Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Recover A Lampshade In 25 Seconds

... or minutes, but whatevz.

I have been meaning to recover a few lamp shades since way back here. I finally got the chance over the weekend- It took me less than an hour to get two completed, I didn't need a sewing machine and the Young Man could help. Pretty easy stuff. You should do it too.


You will need
  • A simple lamp shade
  • Newspaper or large sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Spray adhesive 
  • Glue gun
  • Fabric
  • pom pom trim

1. Gather your supplies

2. Place the seam of your lamp shade on the edge of the paper. Slowly roll the lamp shade over the paper   and trace the top edge. Repeat for the bottom edge. You now have the pattern for your fabric.

3. Cut out your pattern about 1 inch from the line, leaving space to fold your fabric under.

4. Pin the pattern to your fabric and cut out.

5. Spray the inside of your fabric with spray adhesive

6. line up your fabric with the lamp shade and slowing roll it over, smoothing out the fabric as you go.

7. Secure the end (i used the hot glue gun to do this)

8. Trim off excess fabric or fold it under the lamp shade and glue down

9. Use hot glue gun to attach pom pom trim to the inside of the lamp shade

10. Cut off excess trim. At this point you may like to attach some ribbon to the top inside seam to neated it up.

11. Admire your handiwork

It looks lovely on this little desk... but I might switch it to this one in time.

Oh, here is another great resource 

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  1. It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I've been wanting to recover the lampshade in my bedroom for ages.

  2. Looks great - I really need to redo Amelia's - after the move as it will only get ruined again:)

  3. You make it sound so simple.
    1st I need to get a lamp ....
    Love it.

  4. oh yeah! we found the most amazing lamp/lampshade on the side of the railway a couple of years back and i have been meaning to do similar! does it make it complicated at all if the lampshade has a larger diameter bottom than top? ie: not exactly cylindrical but kinda flared out? i think i smell a project coming on!

  5. Wow that is really cute and I love yellow stand with the lamp shade too :)

  6. you smart cookie!

    But what's wrong with a beige microsuede lamp? ;)


  7. as soon as I saw those pink pom-poms I knew I was going to love this
    and I do - I have lamp envy!!

  8. Lovely! You make it look so easy..ok i'm going to try it

  9. ha. bought me some white pom pom fringe yesterday. must have known! thanks for showing me what to do with it!

  10. How very clever of you! I am yet to brandish a glue gun - my friend warns me that once you have one you can never go back!

  11. gorgeous and so simple! love it

  12. You are such a clever chook :) am really liking that pink fabric.

  13. Looks fabulous, I think I need me a glue gun...endless hours of fun to be had.. lots of creativity going on in my pad but its all on line... boring!!

  14. Far out ... you have so many talents!
    Looks fantastic!

  15. ha! that is so wonderful! i love it!!x

  16. So easy and pretty! I am inspired. I have an ugly brown shade in my lounge that is just waiting to be prettied. Thanks hun! Lou xx

  17. I am so trying this out. Just need a glue gun, but i've wanted one of those for ages (is that lame?)We have so many of those ugly paper shades but now i'm going to get creative baby.

    An inspiration as always lady x

  18. Totally cute work, love it!! Love Posie

  19. This lampshade is so sweet. Thanks for the tutorial x.

  20. Me likey! I want one of those! :) You clever thing. xx

  21. that looks awesome! can't wait to try it out too!

    bel. xx

  22. Love the pink fabric with the yellow lamp - a little burst of sunshine!

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