Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Foodies

As much as I'd love to be able to tell you that I only eat organic food, grow all of my own vegetables and live off the land- I can't. I shop at coles, woollies or harris farm. I buy what it cheap and we eat it.

The Lady Baby eats her food mashed (as does the Young Man). Fruit or vegetables, she doesn't mind.

Today it was apples.


  1. mmm apple, yum yum...Baby O is yummy too! x

  2. did you know often organic meat is actually not necessarily that great .. for it to be certified organic, no chemicals are allowed to be given to the animals. Including antibiotics.. which means that 'organic' animals can have infections and bacteria in them that non-organic meat doesn't have..
    i think its important to just do whatever you need to do and that's it. for me, it used to be free range eggs (i would pay the extra that free range cost for flat eggs myself) and that was it, but recently i became vegan because it was what i needed to do. but live and let live... as with life. xo georgi

  3. oh my god you (kind of) stole my post. I have something drafted about this sort of thing....high expectations to buy organic, use all natural, blah blah blah. Again, you 'beet' me to it! dang

  4. I love the simplicity of these pictures.

    I also agree with Claire - there is a bit of crazy pressure to go all-natural, all-organic, especially in the kid department. Seems like there are a bunch of those categories for mums.

  5. Baby O doesn't seem to mind...she is so sweet

  6. puh isn't it 'organic' is just a fad thing? geez my little popsicle is 7-months old and seems to demolish anything i give her these days. how much an a little person eat? seriously ha ha ha.

    ps. my husband tells me that organic farming is actually more harmful for the environment as they have to farm a bigger land so cutting down more trees. i guess that's his way of explaining it to me... i just go along ha ha ha.

  7. I was just thinking yesterday, how unfortunate it is that organic food is so much more expensive than food filled with pesticides and additives. I also thought about the perpetual cycle our society will be because of this fact, the rich will be healthier and the poor will continue to flounder. Maybe that's too heavy... maybe... it's just my opinion...

    on another note: You make some ADORABLE KIDS! xoxo so happy to follow along, thanks for showing me so love. and RIP to your ducky, hope he was yummy :)

  8. We do what we can, you children look so healthy looks like your doing your best.

  9. Cutie pie!

    The organic thing is interesting... I to this day don't know how I feel about it. I don't think I've ever bought an organic fruit or vegetable, but I haven't bought 'unorganic' meat since organic became available. I'd love to have the time to grow my own everything, but the reality is that Woolies and mass-produced prices are a blessing... x

  10. Hello Emily!

    Lovely! I have the same spoon for my baby - Hema?
    I do make my baby's food at home (with fruits and vegetables I didn't grow but bought at the market), and I must say that when I hear him "sing" with pleasure when he eats, I feel happy that I didn't go and just buy anything ready-made. When I don't have time to cook, I always buy bio. Organic... way too expensive I think :(

    I found your blog thanks to Kerry (Seventy Tree) and I love it!

    You're welcome to visit me here:

    Have a great day!

  11. Ahh, to grow your own grub, THAT would be the life. I honestly believe that if the food is fresh... and good fresh, not the 'fresh' that Coles sometimes try to pass off as fresh... then organic or non-organic doesn't really matter. The majority of us don't have the time and/or money to make that choice anyway.
    Quite sure I haven't seen anything as precious today, as the lady baby eating her apples :o)

  12. I LOVE Harris Farm! (Or as we endearingly refer to it – Hairy Arse). Would love to buy all organic but can't afford. Except for butter, butter must always be organic to make it easier for my conscience when it goes straight from the tub and into my mouth. x

    PS. Those coles baked beans are the best ones around, I think.
    PPS. Cute pics, as always.

  13. I buy fruit and vegetables from either the markets or F&V shop...because it's cheaper than the supermarket! I'm not going to pay double for organic.

  14. All I know is I grow what I can to save money, its relaxing to maintain, and maxy boy loves it and he can't even walk yet. As for him eating out of it...well what am I going to grow and apple tree? hmm.. Perhaps that will work out as he grows older, but for now at about 8 months, he just needs to be fed healthy food!

    Do the best with what you have where you are.



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