Friday, August 19, 2011

To Observe

It's been raining all day. We've exhausted our indoor play options and relented to the warm glow of the computer monitor (we are a t.v-less family, as i've said before). The Young Man watches Play School and I watch him. It's pretty nice really.

Tomorrow is almost here. I'm excited


  1. What are ya Tim these days!? Great shots!

    And tell me, how does watching Play School on the computer make you tv-less? I don't get it...

    Man, the rain was BUCKETING down today. I think we're in for the long term... x

  2. Beautiful shots! love ur blog. Yeah, I'm hopping for this weather to clear for the weekend- not looking promising though!!

  3. Lovely lovely images... he is the cutest. Yes, I try to do without the TV, but I think now I will have a riot if it went. Have an awesome day tomorrow.... just a bit jealous! Lou x

  4. Lovely the way kids nibble on anything whilst engrossed in TV...

    I fear the weekend may well be rather wet...we have decided to go buy stickle bricks tomorrow..purely cos Mum n Dad want to play with them!!

  5. Oh he's beautiful your little man. It is nice to watch them, I really enjoy watching my boys eating. They get so involved and a little lost in themselves, wonderful to watch them savouring their food :o) xo

  6. Maxabella- it means we never have to watch adds ;) Na it just means we don't actually have a tv. I get play school on iview. It used to mean more when you could't stream everything online.... but these days we just use the computer as a teeny tiny tv. I'm not a wanker, promise!

    Yes, he is a cutie that little kid... my carpet however needs a good vacuum


  7. He is so cute. And always dressed super trendy too :-) Gotta love Play School on a rainy day. x

  8. Great photos! I love how Play School reaches out and can totally transform your day from drab to fab!


  9. What gorgeous moments captured... such stillness! gxo

  10. Glad to see it's not only my little man that is obsessed with tennis rackets. LL would cart them everywhere with him if he could :) I'm secretly hoping it might turn into something later! ;)
    Still can't comment as myself (gonna get the hubby to see if he can work out why), hence the anon comment - sorry :(


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