Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Since We Are Being Honest

... here is my heinous makeupless face. This is exactly what I look like when I'm stalking your blog. Sun spots, discoloured teeth, acne scars, moustache, beard, wonky eyebrows and wok eye. b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. whatever. Also, i have wrinkles on my neck- is that normal?  

Go on photo booth yourself my fellow grubby bloggers, i dare you.

As a side, did anyone read the comments yesterday?  I did and i giggled, often... and then I got to this one from Dull Boy

i have the opposite problem - i am mr neat.

i can't stand mess. i drive my family nuts and i even drive myself nuts with it. i can't leave dishes on the bench, clothes lying around etc. i know i'm being stupid about it, and that mess doesn't matter, but i can't stop myself.


Two things;

1. hello man reading my blog. thank you.
2. teach ME!!!


  1. I look the same as you today - I haven't even showered yet.

  2. I am loving all these honesty posts in blogland recently. I am messy, disorganized, never wear makeup anymore (having to wear it for work every day for 15 years cured me of that)and I'm the kind of person that wonders what unexpected visitors will say about me when they leave.Seriously I do not make my bed every day, I leave the dishes on the sink to dry and we always have clothes in piles. Housework is rarely at the top of my priority list for the day. When we die I doubt very much we are going to think heck I really should have been cleaner, neater, better groomed, kept up with my ironing or made my bed every day...are we? It is easy to get caught up in the coulda, shoulda game. None of us is perfect and those that appear to be are a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. I think you have a perfectly pretty face btw :)

  3. dude. if i can not shower for a whole weekend..i'm totes there. i even wear pajamas to coles. hey, no wonder i don't have a husband! ha. ps you're beautiful.

  4. You know, if I looked as STUNNING as you do with a bit of slap and a happy smile, I wouldn't mind a jot what people thought of me without make up and with a scrunchy face.

    I generally don't wear make-up or wash my hair enough, so what you see is what you get with me as well. I always figure that I don't have to look at myself, so I'm happy! x

  5. hey emily. you dared me. i am at home and thought why not. feel free to take a peek - i dare you! he he. ps: loving your photo. you look a sight better than i do, that's for sure.

  6. You look great, really!! And yes i did read your comments yesterday. I checked out Dull Boys blog and its kinda funny, not dull at all :)

  7. You look great! Wait till you get a bit older,its so sad getting wrinkles.

  8. Oh Emily you look beautiful! Maybe you should do a naked post next time! There has to be something wrong with you.

  9. I loved your post yesterday and all the comments! So true and funny and so many people feeling the same way. And you don't look bad at all, you are gorgeous. Truly! Thanks for all the sharing. I especially needed it after the week I'm having...

  10. Em ... youre just wonderful.
    Why you may see wrinkles, sun spots and wonky eyebrows I see someone that is honest, real, and someone that I wish I knew in real life.
    I think your gorgeous as I am sure many others do too.
    Hope your day has been wonderful.
    (I miss you over at my blog ... did I say something wrong?)

  11. You look pretty spunky sans make up to me. Loving these honest face and house posts. I must say, I am a little OCD so can totally empathise with Dull Boy, much to the dismay of many around me

  12. seriously you look great. and the hair fab. x

  13. What's a girl to do with a mo and beard? You can join my society of femoustache! We can make a stack of money for Movember!

  14. I love how we are are our own worst enemies! I think you look great. I am loving your great hair too. Not sure I'm brave enough to do a 'real' picture of myself - I have a limited number of followers and dont want to frighten anyone off!!!

  15. Ha, you look fine! Actually I'd even say you look younger without make up.
    I wish I had the guts to post my hideous unmade face to the world... maybe another day.
    And yes I also have those wrinkles on my neck/chest area... and I hate them! I blame the wrinkles on my boobs being bigger during/after pregnancy...

  16. I still think you're cute! Gee you made me laugh with the mo and beard comment!
    I was having a bad face day at work today. My cheeks were all red and my eye make up kept slipping down under my eyes making a bag effect, and the hair! Let's just say it may have been a week since I last washed it.
    Nope, you still havn't made me think any less of you, I still think you're awesome!
    Rach x

  17. Loving all the sharing. Good to know we could just rock up at your place and it would feel just like home. Not sure if my dust bunnies are friendly or not though. You look damn good sans makeup in my opinion, nothing a little extra sleep won't fix. And what the heck is wok eye? melx

  18. Em, you couldn't be further from heinous if you tried x

  19. I would sooooooo not make him stop at my house!!! LOL. Andyour adorable. Make up or no make up. Dolled up or dressed down. I love your bare face. Kudos for "bare"ing it all to the bloggy world. I will not parktake....LOL.

  20. wow, i wondered why my stats had jumped up (got my usual monthly count in one day!!)


    1. you look damn fine
    2. i'm glad you like a man reading your blog, - i really enjoy reading it.
    3. & what - you want to learn about my illness?? (trust me it is an obsession - ask my kids and wife what a joy i am to be around when they leave something lying around)

  21. Stop. IT! You look lovely. But I do appreciate the scrunched face leaning on the hand... like you have mirrored how I read blogs or ANYTHING on the computer... except I kind of lean over standing at the kitchen bench! So good for my posture too ;o) xo

  22. Love the expression - like you're trying so hard to make yourself look ugly.

    Sorry, Em...you failed.

  23. I'm sorry, Em, but you're HOT whichever way you look at it. Kellie xx PS yes, neck wrinkles are normal, in my parts anyway.

  24. Um, I happen to think you look really pretty here....

    Haha, I'm with Dull Boy. Neat freak, I am. Born this way, can't seem to change it. Something got mucked up in my DNA, I'm sure of it.

    Ronnie xo


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