Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Professional Uber Styler

I have lots of talented friends. Some are artists, musicians, writers, film makers, photographers and so on. Some are so incredibly talented that I had always attributed their work to others.

That's what happened with Kris. Every so often a photo would come up on his facebook page and I'd think 'wow, amazing photo. Kris must know some pretty talented people' and I'm sure he does - but I'm also pretty sure they are not half as talented as he is. 

You see, I thought Kris was just a professional uber styler, but it turns out that those photos I assumed belonged to others, were actually his own.

Kirs is the mother flippin'. You can enjoy his immense talent here, Or contact him for a booking here

Trust me you wont regret it. 

hello coopers pale, you lovely thing

Martha Wainwright, one of my true and lasting lady crushes


oh, and while we are talking about hipsters, become one here


  1. OOoh yeah, these are fab! And you’ve just reminded me of Martha! I used to be such a fan too. Saw her and her brother live (at seperate gigs) a few years back, but haven’t listened in ages. Must dig her out :) Have a great weekend :)

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  3. Amazing shots!

    ...i have a mighty burger craving now, though!


  4. oooohhh, wow!! love these pics!
    i love that laundomat pic! I have a pic of Amelie at a laundromat exactly like that when she was abouth 6 mths, in a laundry basket.


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