Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Being A T.V-less Wanker

Photo by Tim Coulson

A few posts ago I mentioned my love affair with the block. I also mentioned that we don't have a t.v in our house, that instead we watch iview or dvds. A few of you asked how I could claim to be t.v less if we watch t.v online. Fair question.

When I said that we were a t.v less house, what I meant was that we don't actually have a t.v. That's not to say that I have not watched the 'Sex and The City' series in its entirety. Or that I don't let the young man watch 2 hours of Play School so I can sit on my fat butt and look at your blog. Because I have, and I do.

So please, don't think that I'm a trite wanker (or do).

Some of you also expressed an interest in why we choose not to have a television. For most of out married life, Dave and I have not had a T.V. It started when we bought our first apartment (read about that in my story), it was old and we thought the aerial connection thingie was broken. Because we are stingy we never tried to get it fixed. Eventually a neighbour came over and simply tuned it in- Yeah, we are not techno savvy.

There began my television commitment.

I needed to be home to watch my favourite shows. all the time. I didn't want to miss an episode. It was a pretty full on relationship, unrequited love I tell you. That t.v never did anything for me except rot my brain and waste my time.

When we moved into this house we decided to kick it to the curb in the hope that we might be more motivated and creative without it. We had one tiny little mac laptop and a whole bunch of books, pencils, paper and board games. It was good.

These days an assortment of desktops, lap tops and iphones compete for our attention. Maybe it's time to cull of few of those too?

do you have a tv? do you watch it? 
are you in a committed relationship with it?


  1. I watch way too much TV, I wonder after reading your post how much I would actually get done around here If I didn't have one...

  2. I love that!
    We may be doing the same thing soon.

  3. After reading that yo are a TV-less house. I felt quite guilty that not only do we have a ridiculous sized TV we also pay for extra channels. Yo have inspired me to can our austar. After all free to air has come along way! My kids maily watch ABC kids if anything so they havent even noticed!

  4. We watch loads of TV.. I confess we record most of it on Foxtel s we can fast forward through the stupid repeat bits and not do the advertising.. turns a 1hr episode into 35 mins!!. It is sort of my downtime in the evening but I watch way to much renovation style TV and so much of it is mucho crapola that I would have to say I would be better to just switch it off!.

    I would love to cull my iPhone... I can't due to work and the fact I can answer e mails on the run etc but it is addictive to check...EVERYTHING.. every 5 rude and so insulting to those around you..right on that note I am off to the markets...bye bye computer for at least 3 hours!! xx

  5. We have a tv but no reception. 99% of the residents around here are cows, so I guess there's no need for reception in these parts.
    We haven't watched regular telly for 2.5 years. We watch a movie a week & occasionally watch a tv series on the laptop.
    The internet is our biggest screen time. Blogs, pinterest... need I go on.
    Have a lovely weekend. I hope it's sunny in your neck off the woods.

  6. i too watch tv. i like it. sometimes. its nice too, to just come home, turn the record player on and read a book with a beverage in hand. we did the no-tv deal for a couple of years too, but we're back on the band-wagon. being out most night means we aren't slaves to series or anything, which is good. i love you with you're no-tv, kinda tv situation. xx

  7. We did a tv- less stint when first married (20 years ago) for about 5 years- it was great. Sometimes we wished we had one but mostly that was for about a minute until we thought of something else to do. Got lots of books read, went out for walks etc etc. I think we borrowed a tv for the rugby world cup and not long after that decided to get one.
    Definitely a good thing to do at some point in your life.

  8. We recently moved and have done away with our small t.v in the bedroom, I am now spending a lot less time in bed and am managing to get a ton of projects done that I wouldn't have managed in bed (sewing, painting e.t.c).

    We do have a t.v in the lounge but find we hardly watch it bar one or two comedy's and have recently set it up with our old computer so our daughter can play educational games on it rather than watching after school programmes.

  9. We have a TV but only in the living room. When we got married my husband wanted one in the bedroom but I vetoed that decision & we are both glad with that! I hate that the girls always want the tv on even when they are not watching it. I'd much rather turn on some music instead. And because I work nights I don't really get to watch the teev much. I do have one guilty pleasure - Sons of Anarchy! I need my Charlie Hunnam fix! :)

  10. Not much tv here, way too much Internet usage in our house though.
    I'm thinking of setting myself time limits for both to see if I can get some more interesting things done.

  11. Tv is only a waste of time if you cant think of something else to do at the same time!

    I quilt and listen mostly.

    I was a bit shocked by your use of the w word in the post title, perhaps not the nicest way to express ones self LOL

  12. We're a one TV house - and to be honest, apart from my obsession with The Block, I hardly watch Summerfete, I find it might be on in the background while I'm into some other endeavour (cruising the blogs, flicking through magazines)...One way to kick the TV/iphone/laptop habit is to get into jigsaws! (Hope that doesn't make me sound too Nanna or loopy)

  13. I think its great you don't have a 'tv'.. my kids watch a bit of playschool and abc kids, but we don't watch that much regular tv ourselves. I prefer to watch a series of something. I cannot stand all the advertising and nonsense that is on regular tv, and foxtel - so repetitive, its boring. I like to waste my time on the net instead :) - need to cut that down too! x

  14. Em, I am EXACTLY the same!

    Only we do have a TV on.

    But I opt not to turn it on, so that I can live, and be liberated, and create, be motivated, and just ... do!

    I do love the block. But that's over now ...

    My weakness is the internet, I guess.

    We all have our vices.

    I love that you & your husband are on the same page :)

  15. Ahh the TV debate.
    I would love the kids to watch less tv - and me too - but I just get so hooked on some shows that I cant tear myself away.
    I am hoping over summer when we are outside more it will be easier to give it up.
    But you see I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, no drugs - crap tv is my vice and I kinda think I am allowed one vice aren't I??

  16. We have a Tv, but we're definitely not mad techo heads here. We had the same old clunky tele for 10 years and only recently upgraded when my Mama bought us a flat screen. It's nice and makes watching more enjoyable, but I don't watch any more than when we had a small old one. Some shows I can't miss and there are a few that hubby and I really enjoy watching together, but I don't let it stop me from doing other things either... like blogging ;o)
    Mr3 has only recently started watching Tv, he loves one kid's show called Toybox and I allow up to an hour a day of it and only in the afternoon.

  17. I watch far too much tv. And I know it. Only in the last month have I cut WAY back on all the shows I watch.
    Between tv, the internet and the iphone, I wonder how I get anything done to be honest. I now have a few rules when it comes to Twitter and Facebook, and we try not to be on our phones at night or in front of Little Miss.
    I'd love to think I could live without a tv, but I just don't think I could... I think it's fantastic what you do. xx

  18. abc2 is wonderful for the kids but apart from that we don't watch too much.
    once they are asleep I do like a bit of mindless dribble to turn off the brain or a good aussie series or doco, but apart from that I am surfing the good ol net.

    you are totally not a trite wanker!

    I need to email you don't i..I am so slack!
    hugs ♥

  19. We don't have a real TV but we have a small computer screen (+ computer!) connected to Internet if we want to watch certain tv shows or films. It works well for us. And the screen is not in the living room...that freaks people out a bit when they come to my place for the first time (where is your tv?).

  20. i totally get why you dont have one. i'd love not to have one (husband is more attached though). playschool gets a bit of air play and the weekend dvd marathon is de rigueur - but beyond that i'd much rather stare at this screen.

  21. We do exactly the same! We don't have a TV - but... my little boy watches his beloved Charlie Bear and Chuffington on my husbands ipad (I love that it doesn't have keys that he can idly remove!) and my husband and I love watching Time Team and Grand Design. Nice to watch either in bed on my laptop or have a movie night and watch it on my husbands black beast of a computer!

  22. Yes to TV. My relationship with it depends on what's on. I have to say that I do like to watch SYTYCD, Top Model and currently The Renovators. Yes, I have no shame!

    My kids are Play School junkies. The end.

    Ronnie xo

  23. Love this. If it was up to me, I wouldn't have a TV. But we do. And it's small, and hardly ever on. In fact it's always tuned to ABC for kids. Because that's all we ever watch. And it's not on that often because I'd rather get out of the house and live life.

    Love your perspective. xx

  24. We're much the same as you guys, no tv but i-view, online rentals or dvd's when we so get the urge. On our little macbook, but sometimes we do have use of a projector - which takes our viewing size from a4 to wall! I sometimes forget how accustomed I am to an ad-free world. That's one of the things I love the most. But I definitely will go through phases of tv-series-on-dvd addiction. Mostly I'm too lazy too bother and don't care enough!! Sometimes I realise how out of the loop with regular news I am because we haven't got it going in the background at night. Nothing a bit of online news reading or watching can't fix. We might get a tv one day, but getting an i-mac appeals to me more :-D

  25. We have a TV, but I only ever watch it on the weekends - I tape a few shows during the week and then watch them ad free for two or three hours and that's my weekly fix. I've never been a big fan of the box.

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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