Monday, August 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I always have a long list of things i'd like to make, if only I had the time and motivation. Imagine my delight when I saw this little hand made treasure whilst reading my friend Sarah's blog- something new to add to my every growing list.

see the full set of images here from here

Over a cup of tea and a melting moment we decided that we would book in some studio sessions and DO IT, make our very own portable play case (eheum, for the kids). 

Also, I have a very exciting giveaway that I'll tell you about this afternoon. If you don't have a blogger account, it's time to make one!


  1. Oh nothing, I'm just blog crushing on your blog. It's no big deal that I'm obsessed with it now or anything...

    Talia Christine

  2. Hey, isn't it gorgeous? I did a post on it a while back, you may want to check it out as it also contained a couple of other ideas for cute kids crafts, incl another doll in case. here it is
    Enjoy and can't wait to see yours made :)

  3. stop teasing and tell me know! xxLou xx

  4. I mean now not know... der..

  5. That is so cute. I would love a pink baby to be able to make it for! I have a feeling I am only going to be blessed with blues though - oh well, have to count on some nieces to get pink in my life!

  6. Oh that case is absolutely adorable!!


  7. how freaking cool. going on my list for my handmade gift challenge!

  8. ooh, i have the perfect case. i feel a crafting moment coming on :)

  9. Tres Cute!!! Sure the adults can't play with it too? ;)


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