Monday, August 29, 2011

Go on...

... go and have a visit with these peeps in their super stylin' home....

                                                                                                              you won't regret it....

you might, however, regret not having booked Tim yet... better do that now.

enough about Tim already?

 okay okay- but i can't help it.


  1. Already did today...and plan to see Tim too....just need to find some time...think it might be my b day pressie to me x

  2. I just LOVE Tim's work! I'm contemplating moving East to get some pics done!
    Tim, fancy a flight out to Perth??? :)
    I was peeking at those earlier, sick to death of hearing about this Tim Coulson fella...and what do ya know, I'm now completely in love with his work!

  3. hola stacey. save yourself the removal. i'll hit you with an electronic mailer shortly.

  4. Tim's work is absolutely beautiful. As soon as we decide to have a second bub and our family is complete, I'm getting him on the first plane to Melbourne to snap away. Just beautiful!

  5. I totally get what you mean about Tim. When he takes photos of the most precious things in your life, and the way he captures our lives, well, you just can't help but rave about him.

    Jade x

  6. Tim might kill me but I had a word with the brand guy where I work about his stuff... and he liked it. x


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