Sunday, July 31, 2011

When The Cat's Away...

... the mice will be devoured by unseen dangers...

Dave left for a snow trip on Friday morning. I fell apart shortly afterwards. I know, I'm such a loser wuss- but I was tired and teary and it was all too much. 

I could tell you the whole retched story of sleepless nights, flat car batteries, colds and flu's, tears and tantrums. But I won't, instead I'll tell you about the amazing people I am surrounded by.

Amy, my uber attractive sister in law who helped me bath and feed the kids before filling me with Thai and peach vodka. 

My Mumma who was upon my door step before 8 am dressing babies, collecting washing, drying tears and muffling my cursing. Who rocked the Lady Baby to sleep in the middle of Saturday night so I could rest.

 Dad, who installed a new car battery (with Amy's help), cooked us dinner, made us countless cups of coffee and chased the Young Man until he could run no further. 

And my neighbours who spent their Saturday morning trying to jump start my car and gooing over the Little Lady so I could... you know... melt down.

The story is always the same with me. Things are hard, I don't cope, there are 1000 people right there to help me out. My faith in myself and others is restored. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

I think i'm the only one who needs reminding that I don't have to do it all alone.


  1. You my dear are an amazing woman.
    We all have those moments right?
    Sometimes it feels like everyday is one big meltdown fo me.
    So glad you're feeling better!
    Know that you're loved and you have people keeping you in their prayers!
    x Stacey

  2. you're absolutely not the only one that needs reminding of that. trust me!
    meltdowns are completely allowed.
    I'm sure that's in the mum rule book - you know - that book that we never got when we produced our young?!?!?!
    so we wing it - and we do the best we can - and you're doing awesome - and meltdowns happen.
    hugz to you.
    cheryl xox.

  3. big hugs lovely, melt downs are part of life.
    I had one today, everything sucked, I closed the bedroom door and curled up in bed while the Boy cooked & looked after them.

    it won't be the last time it happens, we are hormonal, emotional and sensitive beings.

    as long as there are lifelines out there, we'll be ok.

    big hugs and hope tomorrow is absolutely faultless...but if it's not, just look at those little faces and smile...♥

  4. It's great to have special people in your life that are there when you need them. Yay for mum, dad & Amy!

  5. So lucky you are to have such caring people to help you out in times of need.

    I love the photo of your Dad and the little man by the water.

    take it easy. x jody

  6. Don't worry love, with such little ones meltdowns are unavoidable. It's great that your family and friends are there to help you out when you need them, as I'm sure you are there for them.
    You are amazing, don't let these rough days let you think otherwise!
    Sending love and good vibes,
    Rach x

  7. The weekend sounded frightful. The family back up sounds fantastic. Remember each day is fresh, with no mistakes (Anne of Green Gables). Gets me back up day after day. melx

  8. Hope you start to feel on top of things soon. Its great that you have a support system around you xx

  9. Don't feel any less of an awesome person, being a mother/wife/woman is hard!
    How fantastic that you have a reliable support network to help you through the rough times.
    Biggest hugs xxx

  10. oh blimey, sounds like one of my many meltdowns. I'm not very good at coping with things at all (massive drama queen), and if the rock (Dan) isn't around I usually step into Supermum mode. But if I am slightly unwell then it all goes to pot. Glad you have amazing people round you love... peach vodka! Now that's a sister in law to hold on to. (I now get your comment on the vodka!). Big hugs & kisses Lou xx

  11. The picking back up is the important part, and it sounds like you have that down. Here's to a better week.

  12. This being a mum thing is such a hard gig and I think we mark it even harder by trying to be Super mums all the time.
    I for one think you are an ace mum and one very cool chick ... I hope that you think that too!!
    And yay for Mum, Dad and Amy!
    Hope today is better, Eliza x

  13. Uh -oh! Dave's in for it! Family in the good books, husband in the dog house. An all too familiar story! xx

  14. Lovely blog! Can't believe I didn't read this when I lived near you! Its a small world, this blogging one. Rachael

  15. Oh I'm so jealous of you having family close enough that they can help out like that *sigh* hope your feeling better xx




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