Thursday, July 7, 2011

Studio Sessions

River Cottage night has changed. Yep. It has. You know when I told you about this? Well, we lost Hugh in that terrible event too. He was on there, and now he is gone.

Some things will remain the same though, we will still eat together (including stuff from our own garden), drink together and avoid talking to one another. Only now we will be doing it in the studio with music so loud that a conversation is impossible. Awesome.

We have done this before, the 4 of us. Prior to the birth of Lady Baby, we used to go down into the little studio and make things. Especially around christmas time- we upped the anti then making christmas paper, cards, decorations, stockings and calico bags. It's fun, you should do it too.

I know you were all totally into our River Cottage nights, I could tell from the intensity of responses (eehum... um. not) but how about having an art night? Go on, lets call them the Studio Sessions.

Wish this was my studio but its from here. I'll show you mine soon. 

Anywho- On tonights menu, Moroccan meatballs with green beans, honey and almonds (thats a Jesse creation) and apple crumble for dessert. Totally seasonal, no? Hugh would be proud.

I'll let you know how it goes and show you some pics from the Studio Sessions tomorrow.


  1. Ah, crumble!! I just watched masterchef and they made apple pie. I could murder an apple pastry... I'm jealous! All I have in the house is Milo...

  2. I'm all for the art nights. All for the art nights.

  3. Well, I'm pretty confused about what the hell you're on about, despite checking out the River Cottage bunch... but, I will go with it (or find more time to explore some back posts!) x

  4. PS - your darling blog is easily one of the fastest growing blogs I've ever seen! x

  5. i love hugh wish i could move in with him ...

  6. If only I had a little space like that to call my own. I think I would call it lizey's retreat .... and I can guarantee that I would be taking that apple crumble with me!!

  7. I love that studio, apple crumble is my fav desert, yours looks delicious!

  8. yummy! the foods look delish

    looking forward to your new post then!

  9. sure... followed you back


  10. Hello, well I'm already in love with your blog and I've not read a bean yet!

    I quite like the idea of you never leaving my blog LOL, maybe we could house swap?

    So many questions! I guess I should read sound British..with your love for Hugh.

    Why the Beetle shack? VW fan?

    Again I shall have a read and find the answers.

    Clare x


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