Friday, July 8, 2011

Picnic Anyone?

Pretty much the coolest picnic 'basket' i've ever seen from Boxsal ( I discovered it over at my lover AT's place). They have a range of others for other settings, you know, like the office or this pretty number for 'todays date'.


  1. I am soooo not cool enough to get away with that baby! x

  2. Hi Emily..I just checked out the other one is beautiful..I love them!

  3. Far too cool for school.... Totally wicked!

  4. I'd have to agree, probably the coolest picnic basket !

  5. LOL at the surname nick names!
    And you still married him? I often see men with odd surnames and think I couldnt him!
    How shallow of me. I just dont think I could go through life being Mrs Onions!

    wish it was picnic weather here today!

    Clare A'Dork (rhymes etc)

  6. That is very cool and all but we are waiting for photos of your studio you know! And an update on the rabid success of art night. melx

  7. Hands down the coolest. Especially if you're carrying it whilst skateboarding. Too cool for school x

  8. love it... mind you, you'd hate for it to rain.

    Wouldn't be good for those speakers.

    or the cardboard.



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