Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Did It

I got it cut. Tomorrow i'll get the young man to take my photo and show you. Thanks to the best grampies for giving me  a few babyless hours. You guys really are the mother flippin'.

In other news (that actually matters) - My beautiful neighbour met her little girl today. See Poet Winter here.


  1. I was just relieved of the suspense of Jodi's baby and now I'm in suspense again over your new 'do. aaarrrggh!!!

  2. I hope you love your new hair - I have no doubt that you look amazing.
    And seriously ... how gorgeous is baby Poet Winter.

  3. Nuttin' like a nu 'do...and a new baby.

  4. Ohhh, can't wait to see it!

    How beautiful is Poet Winter? Amazing name too. Makes me even more excited to meet our little one xx

  5. Which one did you get? I'll bet it looks ace on you!
    OMG how gorgeous is Poet? I love her brand new baby face, so sweet. They change so fast.
    Hurry up and show us the do!
    Rach x

  6. Goodness, Blogger is very kindly allowing me to leave you a comment, so, withough further ado, I would like to say HELLO! I enjoy your positive, happy-go-lucky attitude here. It's nice to observe and I'm waiting with almost baited breath to see your hair ;-)

    Greetings from France!


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