Friday, July 1, 2011

A French Action Movie

So it goes like this...

 Dave, would you like to go out and get us a movie?


Okay, and maybe some peanut m&m's and some lollies (note there is no question mark here).


Orright, don't be stingy, not just killer pythons- make sure you get peanut m&m's


(we also discuss how to avoid paying our late fee's and what strategies are best to use when asked if you would 'just like to pay a dollar off')

about 15 mins later Dave returns home... with starburst (i hate starburst) and NO PEANUT M&M'S!


Dave, where are the m&m's

He laughs, Oh, i forgot

I give him a thorougher pat down just to make sure he has not hidden them anywhere. He hasn't.

Dave, I asked specifically for m&m's... we even talked about it... not being stingy and so on

No response

Dave, do you remember me asking for the m&m's

uumm... no.

But we spoke about it...

... in know... but sometimes I just block you out.

And so, we watch a french action movie (?) and drink sheaf stout WITHOUT m&m's. Its bitter sweet I tell you, bitter sweet.


  1. Maybe sometime over the week end you should just "block him out" see how he likes it.................I'd love a peanut m & m right now.

  2. I'm sure when I talk all Legoman hears is blah, blah , blah, sex, blah, blah, lego, blah blah blah farmville blah blah blah. melx

  3. Hehe, gotta love the boys :)

  4. i think you need to stock up...then this will never happen again. haha. i've got some maltesers if you wanna share?

  5. I hate starburst! But if hubby forgot my m&m's i would eat them all anyhow! x

  6. Almost as bad as when my husband comes home with 'Step Up 3' and a curly wurly. STEP UP 3! I kid you not.

    ...girly girly and a curly wurly.


  7. Hahaha! Sometimes I just block you out... GOLD! He is a gutsy man your Dave ;o)
    Love M & M's, but maltesers are my weakness at the moment... it's a sickness actually :o/

  8. I love this post.

    I can't believe he didn't get you the M&M's...!!!

  9. ha ha 'sometimes I just block you out' !!?? How rude.


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