Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Is Good, Is It Not?

It's been pretty exciting here at The Beetle Shack. Friday afternoon was welcomed by myself and a couple of my favourite beer ladies, a big bowl of chips, cheese platter and ya' know, a brew or two. The young man ran around like a crazy while we sipped, belched and watched. Ok, so we didn't belch but we should have.

This morning The Shack was humming in the early light. We rose form the warmth of our beds, dressed ourselves, drank our coffee and quickly brushed our teeth (to be polite, not out of habit). We had a very special visitor coming to hang out for a couple of hours and do some snap-snap-snapping. Yep, My Blog Crush came over IN REAL LIFE!! Wow, cyber space- the boundaries, they are a blurrin'.

I can not wait to see what the great master Tim Coulson has done with us. I hope its a little like this.

Except there was no kissing, damnit. In the mean time have a preve on Tim's hot blog and follow along to keep updated.

Tomorrow, i have a thrifty giveaway.


  1. oh man! i love that Melody! Saw her this morning too!!
    and I'm very excited to see your photo's too!!

  2. If you learnt how to photoshop, you could add me to the picture of Ames and Mel. For the record, I drank bubbles and then red while I thought of you ladies drinking your beer.
    Can't wait to see the family snaps! It's time for us Moores to get some done also, I think! x

  3. oh wow! cant wait to see your photos! x

  4. Lovely photos and sounds like a brilliant Fri night to me!
    So looking forward to a peek at your photos :o)


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