Thursday, June 2, 2011

River Cottage Night With... Kevin?

Tuesday Night saw the usual suspects at my dining table. We feasted, as we always do. Drank as we always do. And watched... Grand Designs.... That was new.

After completing the 'Beyond River Cottage' series (my favourite) for about the 3rd time, We decided to take a brief RC break, branch out and watch another lover, Kevin. It was this Woodland home that lured us in.

Isn't it beautiful! Made completely by hand with materials from the Woodland, not a nail in sight. If you can search out a copy, watch it- It was on iview last week but has since been removed.

how are you going with The River Cottage Challenge?


  1. Hello :)
    What was the show called, sounds very interesting?
    Might have to take up the RC challenge sometime too. We have just finished watching River Cottage Every Day.

  2. Grand Designs is one of the best shows. And I saw that episode imagine having a home and life like that! Best best best x

  3. oh yes, kevins woodland home. what a dream...not so much the making part though. xx

  4. I've just discovered your beautiful blog through Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim... I'm in love and can't wait to devour it further!!
    I LOVE that you love Hugh and River Cottage so much! As do I! It's not on foxtel enough, so now you've inspired me to purchase a few of the dvds (I already own a couple of the books). :)
    I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog. xxx

  5. Make sure you watch the revisited episode for this woodland cottage. How it grows with more kids is just glorious. Dave's in love with it.

  6. I SAW THIS EPISODE & it was the most AMAZING HOME!

    The love that went into it, my god.

    Love love loved :)

  7. I love grand designs. Kevin is awesome. ;)

  8. I used to cringe every time Hubby turned over to Grand Designs..... then I sat down and watched it with him a couple of times and I'm always in awe of the challenge and beauty in some of the houses they feature. The River Cottage was definitely one of the most inspiring, and there's been other eco-homes that just make me lust after them! Great show.

  9. I think I've already told you, but we're big fans and have the whole RC DVD collection! We live by this philosophy mostly, but I'd love to do it better. (We can always do it better, right?)

    There is nothing more that I love more than wandering around the garden picking what we're about to eat for dinner ;) xx


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