Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Photo From The Archives

The other week we had a little Mac problem that forced me to use the archaic old white lap top (it's been a while since Apple made white lappies right?). That little problem has since become a big problem that i'll tell you about later. Anyway, It got me going through some old pics and I thought it would be nice to share. Dave, The Young Man and a brand new Lady Baby.

Please join me by leaving a link to your Photo From The Archive in the comments below.

While you're at it, have a look at these oldies from some of you...

L is For

Queen Bee Of The Peach Tree

Frankly My Dear...-

Love Wisdom Motherhood

My little family and some of our favourite friends (like Bel and Yoss) are of for our annual winter holiday fist thing in the morning. We will be gone for a few days. If you're couch sloughing and you need some entertainment, why not visit some of my virtual and real life buddies.

The Dew Drop Inn- for arty thoughts

Gretel Girl Draws- To delight your eye balls and have your feet turned into art

Bubby Makes Three- for cute kids

Che and Fidel- because Jodi has the best bump around

One Claire Day- for a seriously hot brother in law

Spearmint Baby- because The Beetle Shack has recently been featured


Dotti Angel- to delight your senses

Have fun peeps and don't forget to share your Photo From The Archive


  1. Beautiful photo! I love how you say lady baby, that just sounds SO sweet :o) Thanks for all those links, I will be share to visit each of them when I get a spare moment over the next few days :o) Enjoy your trip, sounds awesome.
    P.S. I still have a white apple laptop! She's a year old.

  2. What a priceless photo! Thanks for the shoutout & enjoy your time away. x

  3. inspired me again, here is the link for another of my 'from the archives':

  4. OOh, beautiful photo! Enjoy your time away!
    Here is this weeks cat love :)
    Rhi x

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time away .... look forward to hearing all about your adventures!!
    I will be checking out every one of your links - but am sure none of them will be as lovely as you!!

  6. I am loving reading your blog- thanks for the happy goodness! I was inspired to blog a oldie but goodie from my precious archives Happy Friday!

  7. Lushness...and i'm going to be taking another one of 'those' photos soon. EEk!


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