Friday, June 10, 2011

The Next Tigerlily- Swimwear By Nicole

In the first month of winter, I'm lusting after summer and dreaming of days spent lazing about on the beach.

Ok, i know- I'll never 'laze' about on the beach ever again but i can still dream. Part of my dream includes looking like Natalie Portman, the other part includes Swimwear By Nicole. Fortunately for me, half of my dream can actually be realised. My friend Nicole makes stunning custom cossies out of vintage and new fabrics, in just about every style under the sun and I'm loving them (just quietly, she's an uber hottie as you can see below)!

 I'm thinking i'd like a boy leg full piece for next summer, just like this one... (naturally, i'd like the body too, but whatever.)

Check out her site, send her your measurements and get your order in before the Aussie summer rush.

Oh, I almost forgot, she makes kiddies cossies too (yes, your child NEEDS them).

Nic, when are you adding dick stickers to your repertoire?


  1. what a great idea - I would love a pair of polka dot ones too! THnaks for the idea ...cute blog xxx

  2. Bring on summer. Loved having a look at your Blog.

  3. Love your new header on your blog! And those kids cossys are delicious - I'd love my girls to be running around in them next summer!

  4. I love the kiddies cossies. But I have to say... looking at swimwear on a day like today is making me feel very chilly! gxo

  5. Checked out Nicoles swimwear and they are just gorgeous! I wonder if I would like all the girls do in them though ;-) Love your new header witht he pics from the shoot, looks great!
    Rhi x

  6. Hey i recognise that kid!
    Nic made me an awesome pair of swimmers.. and would u believe... a boy leg one piece! I can't wait to wear them you should totally do it!

  7. ahahah yep Mrs Ramblings- thats your cutie! I'm gonna get Nic to whip me up a pair... just waiting for my 'measurements' to shrink ;) xo

  8. Those swimmers look unreal. But mostly wanted to say I LOVE your new header thing. Kellie xx

  9. Oooo how fabulous! A good cossie can make the world of difference to how I feel throughout summer... considering I spend alot of time on my beloved beaches :o)
    Isn't she a hottie? Wow, designs the clothing AND models it. What a stunner. Heading over to have a look-see. Thanks for the link! :o)
    P.S. Gorgeous new header!

  10. How gorgeous are they ... I wonder if I can order a body to match???


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