Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neighbours And The Everyday

Neighbours are special, aren't they. Mine are. They move in our lives in a way that others can't, simply because of their proximity. They are close enough to be part of the every day. Close enough to bring you brownies while they are still hot from the oven. Close enough to call to check if your outfit is okay before ladies night. Close enough to rock your tired baby while you rest your arms. Close enough to see your house in a filthy, filthy mess and not bat an eyelid.

Jodi, Daniel and Che Che from Che and Fidel are close enough for all of these things. And sometimes Daniel catches it all on film. The everyday. The naughty child, the piles of dirty and clean washing, the unswept deck and the cluttered office, but mostly- that cute cheeky child in his natural habitat. So i watch this, and smile from ear to ear. Grateful.

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  1. It was your wonderful creative neighbours and this sweetest of videos which led me to you.
    It was your warmth and the sunshine in your writing that made me want to stay a while.

    xx Felicity

  2. Lady, enough already. I can't take any more. I had pangs of jealousy over the photos last week. But this has just pushed me over the edge!

    Seriously... so beautiful.
    x claire

    P.S - I'll swap my brother in law for your local photographic talent...??

  3. Wow, he's fast! How lucky you are. I wish I had neighbours like this. What great moments to capture too x

  4. Thanks for your message the other day! Your neighbours sound sweet. We have flats next to us, they are a motley lot except for the old lady who constantly repeats herself and smokes a bazillion cigarettes a day. She'll probably out live us. Your blog is gorgeous xo

  5. just really really sweet! how lucky you are to have such special neighbours!

  6. Oh that film is gorgeous, you have very special neighbours:) I think that's wonderful. xo

  7. Hello Emily and greetings from here in England. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I am so glad that I found yours. I look forward to reading future posts. I love your style. Have a beautiful day. Jo

  8. Oh wow! Why can't i have awesome neighbors like that!? At the moment all i have is students on one side and development on the other.. ggrrr!

  9. I tried to comment on this video over at Che & Fidel, but blogger booted me out and my comment was lost :o(
    Such a beautiful video, capturing the most natural and precious memories... and utterly gorgeous kidlets doing their thang. Love it! :o)

  10. Beyond beautiful! I could watch it over and over again, and it's not even my little people.

    Is it shot on a digital SLR? I love the blur, I love the whimsy of it all.

    I've just discovered your blog {Tim the photographer sent me} and I fear I shall never leave. I have a lot to catch up on. x

  11. WOWSERS. How touching is that film????

    I don't even know your family and it almost brought tears to my eyes, it's so perfectly beautiful.

    Love, love, love.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself.

    -Haley Was Here

  12. A beautiful keepsake film of your gorgeous boy! How special! xx

  13. oh little joseppi! he is so gorgeous. love this film by Daniel xx love you

  14. i saw the video over at jodi's...so sweet.

  15. far out that is special! Made me smile and giggle along with him.. that's one beautiful kid you've made there x


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