Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hottie For Hottie

Tuesday is my day off. A day with only one kid. Time to clean the house, catch up on the washing and drink my morning coffee with minimal interruptions. Today I neglected the chores (eehum, i do this most days) to make a hot water bottle cover for Dave. In the absence of an electric blanket we have been loving the warmth that hot water bottles bring. I have a super cute one that you can see here but Dave has been left with the nasty faded blue number, it just won't do.

After a quick google for hot water bottle patterns I found this one at Made of Cloth.

20 Mins and an old jumper later, i had my own (super dodgy) version.

 My ever faithful sewing companion


I'm sure Dave would rather have come home to a hot dinner and a cold beer- but a hottie for the hottie it is.

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  1. Love the title of this and the fact that it's a recycled jumper... and your adorable sewing companion looks very grown up - what is she sitting in? xx

    P.S - This could be a good idea for Paddy. He complains he doesn't get enough warm cuddles since the baby came along. HA! Sorted!

  2. Brilliant!

    Loving the concept of the jumper and the quilting of the cross - a great 'second' to a warm meal and a cold beer for sure!

    x Felicity

  3. So creative and fun! It turned out great!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  4. Brilliant and very masculine! Our sheets are like ice at the moment so a hottie would go down a treat... gxo

  5. You are so clever and inventive that you put the rest of us to shame, you know. This is quite fabulous! And I bet Dave will love it, even if he does have to have a cold dinner tonight. Haha!

  6. That is fabulous!!

  7. Love it. Very manly. Hope he does too.

  8. Very cute/manly hottie :) I ignore house hold chores quite a lot too!! ha ha ha

  9. I thought I recognised that bed linen... lol

    Cintia's a close friend of mine and irritatingly

    I like your quilted red cross on the black, it's a bit sexy.

  10. double 'lol', how embarrassing

  11. I featured your post @ WorkShop Wednesday! Thanks for linking to the party, I hope your husband appreciates how you ignore the house hold chores!


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