Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get In Line- Kirra Jamison

Because I am opportunistic, whenever I am waiting for my coffee, I like to quickly flick through what ever reading material is available. At a local cafe, I was doing just that, when I come across an article on Kirra Jamison in InsideOut magazine. I was instantly reminded of why I love her work.  Fresh, vibrant, rhythmic and modern. Oh, and she's completely beautiful too.

Beautiful and uber talented.

Resting place
acrylic, gouache, ink and pen on canvas
220 x 183 cm

Harpers Desert, 2011, 185 cm x 152 cm acrylic, gouache and pen on polyester

Cosmic Might
90 x 53.5 cm
Giclée print and hand cut vinyl appliqué on 100% cotton rag paper

Some Days are Diamonds
acrylic on canvas
170 x 150 cm

Dear Lover
acrylic on canvas
120 x 100 cm

He Smelt Like Apples
acrylic on canvas
120 100 cm

You can read an interview with her over at The Design Files and Daily Imprint. Both places are very deserving of your time.

Are you in love too?

Thought so.


  1. You betcha!
    From the first to the last I was smitten.
    Am off to explore a little more.

    xx F

  2. Stunning.. off to

  3. wow em - she IS great. oh to have time & talent as much as her... or you xx.

  4. Felicity, i was just over at your place trying to think of an F word, the only one that sprung to mind is kinda obvious, and i daren't write it down.

    Yes, Kirra J is knock out good. I crush on her.

  5. Now there's someone who understands COLOUR. "Some Days are Diamonds" - effortlessly brilliant. Thank you for bringing her to my attention xx

  6. Cosmic Might and Harper's Desert... hands down my faves of the batch. Truly beautiful work, yes I'm in love ;o)

  7. They are very beautiful pictures!

    Pomona x

  8. I AM IN LOVE! I see there are some prints available for sale on her website too .... oh dear. This could be dangerous. Kellie xx

  9. beautiful artist, I would love an original of hers! who wouldn't?


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