Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For The Love Of Pa

There are many wonderful things about my Dad. He is gentle, quietly spoken, a good listener, patient, kind, understanding and enjoys beer, rugby and all the good stuff. He is sentimental, a hoarder and has great respect for tradition.

 I love him, and so does the Young Man, calling him Pa- a name Dad had chosen for himself long before grand babies were on the scene. It's a sign of respect and love for his own grandfather.

The Young Man simply adores him, affectionately calling him Parpie when summonsing him from whatever he is doing. These two, Pa and the Young Man, have their own traditions. On every visit they wander up to the very back of the yard to check the vegies, see how they are growing, pull a couple of weeds and check the rain gage. Then it's off to the shed. They walk and chat and discover and learn returning to the house at their leisure with a fresh pea or two in hand.

This season Pa is harvesting his first crop of large speckled Borlotti beans (Hugh, eat your heat out). Here they are in my darling mumma's hands.

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  1. i adore your family posts, they warm my heart. i had a pa called max, he was very gentle and loving too. many memories of him pottering in his herb garden spring to mind everytime i think of him. thank you for sharing. xx

  2. Oh this lovely relationship between Pa and your boy reminds me if the Badoo and her Nonno. He has cared for her on Thursdays and Fridays since she was a baby. This year it's just the two of them, pottering around in the garden, making picking herbs and veggies for a terali salad for their lunch. They adore each other and it is quite the thing to see a three year old girl speak with the inflection and mannerisms of a seventy plus year old Italian nonno!

    Loved this heart-warming post. x

  3. That is beautiful Em. A heartfelt tribute. Hope your dad reads this too. Even my Ward has some of those traits too. A gracious lot they are. Well done Wardies.

  4. Gorgeous post Emily. I love the story and the pic. The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is so so special. My boys have a beautiful relationship with my parents. Melts my heart just a little, every time we visit :o) xo

  5. this post is two of my favorite things: sweet + sentimental. i love it. <3

    and please allow me to get my garden geek on and tell you that those beans are simply gorgeous! :D

  6. Hi Emily! What a gorgeous family you are and a equally gorgeous post. Your dad sounds a very nice guy :) x

  7. Aren't Pa's just so special!
    I have no doubt that if my Little Miss M ever decides to run away from home it will be to her Nannie and Pa's house. They have such a special bond and its just lovely!

  8. I loved reading this , treasure these times ,I'm 38 and my Dad died just over 12 months ago , he was a big part of our world and it's so lovely my children spent time with and remember him ,Your post made me think of him and smile xx I love the photos of the hands , But Hey :) you always take such lovely photos Emily xx Ava


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