Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Excursion Day

So what if i'm not teaching in an art classroom anymore. I will still take excursions to galleries. My children are my willing students and they MUST enjoy it.

In the morning my bestie and I will pack up the new car (7 seats thank you very much) with the kids and the prams and the snacks and the kitchen sink before heading off to the Art Gallery Of NSW. The Archibald closes on Sunday and I couldn't bear (is that the wrong bear?) missing it, not when Quilty is the winner. So off we will totter for a quick look around and maybe lunch in Hyde Park. I'm looking forward to seeing the finalists and this work from previous winner Del Kathryn Barton.

Barton, Del Kathryn

Mother (a portrait of Cate)
watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pen on polyester canvas

 Have you seen the Archibald yet? What was the winning work for you?


  1. Ooo sounds like a lovely day out, i spent many days of my youth in that very place. Enjoy! x

  2. we're doing the last minute visit on saturday!

  3. How was it?? We missed it. Poop. Hope you had a great day out and about - what a cracker!

  4. LOVE a trip to the art gallery. I took my eldest to the Archibald exhibition when he was just 6 months old... he loved it! Well, my friend and I loved it and enjoyed watching him take it all in too ;o)
    Hope you have a splendid time. The weather is so glorious right now, for little excursions and lunch in the park xo

  5. Hey Emily! I just sent you an email - I REALLY hope this one gets through. Love your hottie for a hottie post! :)

  6. Lovely to find your beautiful blog via fat mum slim - I'm actually heading to Sydney this weekend, heading straight for the art gallery!

  7. we went last night and took advantage of late night wednesday. 4 kids and a car picnic. we saw, we loved it and everyone was still in bed by 7 . have a wonderful day

  8. Hi Emily! What a beautiful place you have here! Thank you for joining my blog thus leading me to yours!. Looking forward to sharing. Have a beautiful day! xo Jane

  9. I took the kids last school holidays to see the archibald, even the 3 year old enjoyed herself. We all stood in front of this painting for ages, I remember admiring hers last year, she certainly does not disappoint. I adore her work.....have fun, the kids will love it.

  10. Love a visit to the gallery and so do the kids, especially the 10 year old. There have been a few embarrassing touchy moments with the little ones (Whitely and Blackman - they show taste) but so worth the effort. My mum went to this exhibition in Sydney and I have this postcard she bought for me on my wall. Love this artist and her beautiful expression of mothering.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em