Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The River Cottage Challenge

We here at The Beetle Shack are committed lovers of River Cottage. We watch it, we cook recipes from the books and attempt to make ethical food choices. We'd love for you to join us, the River Cottage way.

Recycled windowsill herb garden, from Apartment Therapy

This is how we do it;

Once a week we invite some friends over for a cook up and use as much of our own produce as we can, even if it's just some herbs.

Every Tuesday night we meet here @ The Shack, about 7- 7.30 or when ever.
We take it in turns to cook dinner, it's always simple and easy.
We eat
We take our plates to the sink
We move the lounges into prime positions and watch an episode or two of River Cottage.
By 9.30 the fun is over.

Track pants mandatory, pajamas acceptable.

You can get the DVDs here.

you can read about Ethical Eating at The Beetle Shack here.


  1. What a charming idea! And great fun too, when often a Tuesday can be a bit of a flat day, this would be something lovely to look forward to.

  2. the little rocks for the party favors below- SO CLEVER! love that idea! all of this cute children stuff makes me want to have a baby! thanks for finding me, i'm following for sure! have a great night :)

  3. Loving your concept!! We watch the RC DVDs over and over and over and I have most of his books. I get such a feel good factor from HFWs enthusiasm! My two kids think he's brilliant! I'm loving those tea caddy plant pots... may do that myself ;)

  4. I've met Hugh! Don't faint! He is cheeky, funny, a bit of a rogue and so down to earth. Dan & I have a RC love too.... Hugh is a regular in our parts always filming in Bristol. Oh and that house in the woods, my fav Grand Designs episode EVER! So wanna live there and the garden she created on the return episode did you see that? to die for. xxLou xx

  5. That sure is a fabulous challenge. We have a garden and I try not to buy any fruit and vegies, just use what we have. But I fail dismally at having people over every week. But I do usually drop some food off to friends, or take it over for morning tea... but a great idea! (I've been looking at a whole bunch of posts tonight, and feel like I know you... stalker much?)

    LOVE your blog! xx

  6. Hi there
    And love this idea! We are sitting down now (with fishnchips mind you) to watch some river cottage eps!!
    Great to find you after meeting you on IG!
    Sandra xx


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