Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Morning Ritual

Every morning we meet in the early light at the dining table for warm coffee/milk, all 4 of us.

What's your morning ritual?


  1. This is a very clever post! It's a lovely, privileged snapshot into your morning ritual. And I love the pink spotted mug. Is it County Road?

    I have to remind my husband that one of his wedding vows was to bring me a latte in bed every morning of our marriage. He seems to not remember this part of the ceremony, whereupon I remind him that he was so obviously overwhelmed with my beauty that he doesn't specifically remember. haha!

    However, these days he also has to make lattes for the 2 teenagers, as well as our caffeine addicted rainbow lorrikeet who will scream until he gets his little saucer full.

    Hope your week is going fabulously!
    Virginia x

  2. Gotta have my 3 cups of java every morning. it's not always in the same spot though. But I always enjoy every sip. I'm not much of a breakfast person so I just grab a granola bar.

  3. That is really sweet
    mine ritual is kind of solo for now, while he is away working overseas, tea for one and a quick skype chat is pretty good

  4. Your photos are absolutely beautiful, I love the pink spotty cup and your ritual is really lovely:) I don't really have a ritual with my family in the morning we're usually trying to get ready to zoom out the door for school. I do try and sit and have a chat with my girls while we eat breakfast though. I really need to get to bed earlier though, it's hard getting up in the morning with time to sit. Thank you for stopping by my blog too. I'm really enjoying visiting yours:) xo


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em