Monday, May 30, 2011

Isak Wallpaper Lovin'

After being inspired by this wallpapered room, I went on the search for some uber cool wallpaper for the Young Man's toddler room.

After much google-ing and useless paint shop searching I stumbled across the Isak website. As promised, their site is filled with beautiful happy things and a distinct Scandinavian flavour is evident throughout. I could resist no more. I ordered two rolls of the silver penguin wallpaper (and ignored the temptation to buy more, more, more). A couple of weeks later it arrived in recycled packaging, in keeping with the company's ethos

It looks fantastic (after this little disaster) and is now featured on the Isak blog and Project Nursery. In coming weeks it will also be featured on Spearmint Baby along with the Best Room In The House.


  1. I love wallpaper and how it can transform a room like that.

  2. Thank you for this I think I might have t get some even though we dont have the house yet.

  3. looks fantastic! im off to have a look for some for my kiddlets room, something like that would be perfect!

  4. How good are you! Getting featured all over the internet! x

  5. If I had an ounce of style, that teenage girl's room would have been mine at that age! i had cranes hanging... and tons of shit on my walls... but it was a cluster. Not elegant like this!

  6. looks fabulous, I love your sense of style. Great blog, glad to have found it today!


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