Wednesday, May 11, 2011

International Film Week, Yearning For Paris

So, It's  International Film week here at The Beetle Shack and Sunday saw us in our uggies down at the local blockbuster hastily selecting subtitled films.

Around this time 3 years ago, Dave and I took an impromptu Parisian holiday. We were trying to conceive at the time and after 6 unsuccessful months I decided that if we were indeed to make a baby- it must be in Paris. So, we saved some dollars, bought some tickets, drank some gin and landed in the City of Lights. What a magical place. After looking at too much art (no, not really- there can never be too much art), drinking way too much beer (oh yes, indeed) and buying lots of shoes we came home with a little dude in utero. Best. Holiday. Ever. 

 Appropriately enough, this time every year we get a little culture itch that must be scratched. Because life's circumstances don't allow us to take off on a jet plane, or even go out for dinner, we must seek refuge... at... blockbuster. We hired , The Bands Visit,  Paris by Cedric Klapisch, Dancer in the Dark and The Barbarian Invasions.

We sit up after the kids have gone to sleep, pour a G&T, pop some pop corn and get our culture on. What's your favourite foreign film?


  1. what a great tradition!

    lovely to meet you, jodi's neighbour! thanks for popping by.

    lucy is our (recently deceased) chook. my friends scolded me for wasting a perfectly good baby name on poultry!

    off to have a look around your place. i like what i see.



  2. Em! I totally understand this.
    So important to give yourself vacations in all sorts of different ways. You go Beetles!!!
    I miss your place. Can't wait to have one of our own to play river cottage in with you guys :P

    ps- youre doing fantastic in life.


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