Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home Again, Jiggity Jig

What a fun weekend we've had enjoying everything that a 2 year old delights in. Early mornings, fuzzy animals, winding walkways, water fountains, milkshakes and undivided attention. Who am I kidding, this is everything I delight in!

Wildlife World was a total high light for us. The displays were beautiful and as you reached the top of the spiralling building, masses of butterflies rewarded you with their vibrant colours. 

Because we loved it so much, I got 2 adult tickets (valued at $70) to give away here on my silly little blog. If you're interested in checking out some Australian animals then just leave a comment below. I'll select a winner on Sunday 22nd May (tickets are valid until the 11th Aug 2011).  

Here are some photo's of our adventures...

Home again, home again- jiggity jig.


The name from the hat is Bree. Lady, send me your addy and i'll post you the tix



  1. they're some pretty great photos em. you're hair looks amazing in that pic. glad you had fun xx

  2. Dealing with my own Wildlife World here. Nephew Jasper is celebrating his 1st birthday and smashed my coffee while triumphantly playing his new xylophone. Dogs drank the spilt coffee and are now hysterical from the caffeine and family members gleefully Gee-ing up the Jube (Jasper). Would be so much more peaceful if the wildlife were in an enclosure!

  3. Glad you had a great weekend. Looks like fun. xxx

  4. we like it there too -- daggily, we even got season passes to that and the aquariums. You have reminded me we should go once more b4 they run out!! x

  5. lovely giveaway. i am a bit to far though so please don't include me in the draw. great little getaway with little ones. x.

  6. Yes please! We've been meaning to get to wildlife world for a while now ... Kellie xx


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