Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I don't feel like being a home maker. After a quick chat with my husband who was at a cafe doing some 'work' ALONE, I turned tres green with envy. I want to be alone. Just for a little minute.

So it's timely that I remind myself of a long debrief I had with my favourite bestie about our families, marriages and children, we concluded that gratitude goes a long way in keeping us happy. At the risk of sounding like a hallmark card, its amazing how far those little 'thank you' words can go. Especially at the times when its often unspoken. Especially right now.

I am grateful for the times when my husband rocks the Little Lady back to to sleep at 3 am so I can rest in the warm embrace of slumber. And when my brother fixes the pram tyers with haste and ease, allowing flustered mother a moments peace. Or when after becoming a mumma myself, I am able to honestly and respectfully thank my own mother for growing me, birthing me, raising me and then, helping me raise my own little people. And especially for now (gritting teeth) when I'm in the home with my rug rats, listening to Bob Dylan and watching the light cast shadows across the crumbs on the floor.

I must utter these words of thanks daily. For the small things and the big.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. So love this and really need to be reminded too. xoxo

  2. Not sure whether to laugh or cry through this beautiful heartfelt mantra. Bit of both really, because, oh my, can't we all identify with your thoughts exactly!

    Such a small collection of words can lift the spirit oh so fast.

    Virginia x

  3. well hello- found you over at BC...and i too, wrote a not to dissimilar post yesterday....
    maybe it's the moons?
    sometimes we need to stop & think about the real things that make us happy- and i know that feeling when someone lets you sleep!

    lovely thoughts....Melissa x

  4. I hear ya sister ... I too get green with envy when I am left at home with all of the whinging and screaming and hubbie gets to walk out that door ... (and I have crazily chosen this time to have restricted tv at my house so I cant even turn that on to chill the kids out - I am their source of entertainment)
    Why oh why do we do this again .... ahh thats right, its for all of the cuddles, picnics on the front lawn, looking for treasures at the playground days when it is just too good to be true. I am grateful for the good fun giggling times when it all just "works" cause lets face it the bad days just suck!!

  5. I totally get this. I really think only we mamas do. I too, have moments like this, but of course they are far out-weighed by the amazing, ordinary moments we mamas get from our babes on a daily basis. Loving your blog Emily. Love, love ,love your post on the cookie dough gift! Can't wait to do this for a little friend. Jade x

  6. Beautiful. Look, i say this to most full time stay at home mummies - your big badge of merit & achievement is when they trot off happily to school & you find yourself home alone for 6+ hours a day, doing all those things you wanted to do - curl up & read a book, cry through a sad movie, shop for yourself, garden, gym, whatever & you miss them to pieces!! I found when home with 1 or 4 children that having a hobby always gave ME something to do for MYSELF, even if it was for them, it was my project. Really helped during the many years of morning i endured for those pregnancies, my hobby was always there waiting for me. My husband is always away (i mean, like 9 months of the year in war zones & we had 4 children in 4.5 years) so hobbies are a key ingredient into my calm & happiness, just lucky we scored fabulous children who played nice & entertained themselves. Love Posie

  7. I know that feeling well. My husband just called me to say he was just 'popping out' from work to have a haircut. Oh to be able to 'pop out' on a whim for a haircut! At the start of each weekend I always plan to escape even just for 5 minutes on my own, but then life happens and at the close of the weekend I always feel like stamping my foot up and down a little because I'd really really really just like to do something for me. I totally agree that sometimes it's the words of thanks or praise from those we love or even total strangers which keep us going.

  8. Ah yes...I'm with you, sister. I get insanely jealous when I hear of all the business lunches/coffees/dinners/events that DH gets to go to. He doesn't understand it at all....just the thought of all of that "adult" time! And all of that food that I could eat without having to cook it all first!!! Bliss!!!

  9. Lovely message! The big things and the little...beautiful! On the other side of that, I'm always wishing for MORE time at home and less time at work, in meetings, at conferences, etc. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. Good for us ALL to take a moment to appreciate the wonderful things we DO have. Thank you for this most-perfect post!

  10. Lovely to see you today and your words are so true. For me, the little things ARE the big things!!! x

  11. eeek, now i just hope i can remember this...




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