Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Dress

After reading 'Bubby Makes Three' and being inspired by Nicole's 'That Dress' post (Nicole, you always inspire me!), I have decided to put up a couple of pics from my wedding day, December 2002. If you read Nicole's post, she describes the tired old wedding gown that was so uber hip back then... that's my dress!! Winner, or someting.

Anyways, here they are

I'll show you a couple of pics from the most beautiful bride yet, my mumma. 35 years ago and she is still as beautiful, though not as skinny ;). Love you mum xx

How do you feel about your wedding gown now? Still think you looked at hot as Kate M?


  1. I must admit I do still love mine.. but I haven't tried it on to verify so, lol xx

  2. If u wanna check it out.. I put some pics on my FB page last Friday... the Royal Wedding thing to do apparently! xx

  3. Oh dear, I didn't mean to offend with my flippant comment about the strapless dress! You looked lovely, and those gowns are TIMELESS unlike my own, which no doubt will be frightful in years to come. And anyway, ALL brides are beautiful arent they!! x

  4. You guys are proof that young love is real love. Very timeless photos. x


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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