Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bake Off- Cooked And Counting

Yesterday, after kicking the ball around in the morning light, The Young Man and I headed inside to do some educational baking. The cookie dough was ready and waiting in the fridge, in fact, it'd been waiting a little too long and needed (like us) to spend some time in the morning sun to soften up.

We rolled and cut, talked, ate some dough, counted to 10 and put those numbers in the oven. It was fun. You should do it too, or prepare it as a gift for someone that loves you.

What are you doing today? Wanna bake off?


  1. these look soooo awesome and yummy. x

  2. Lovely looking cookies! No bake off for me today - not feeling well, but I'll take a raincheck!

  3. Such a cute idea and he will remember these times with you forever. thanks for joining WUW.


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