Monday, April 25, 2011

Tidy Up Your Act (And I'll Give You Something For Nothing)

Come on, do it with me, Tidy Up Your Pantry (gosh, I'm such a loser but I'm actually enthused by the idea)

After being inspired by Nicole over at Bubby Makes Three, I gave my pantry a serious tidy and it feels good !

Nicole explains how she made her own labels here. Check them out.

From Bubby Makes Three
 We are lacking a printer at The Beetle Shack so I had to improvise on the label front. I had some little tags left over from Christmas along with some red and white twine that i ordered from here .


After freeing all the pantry moths ;) and cleaning out the jars, I set about refilling and labeling them.

An improvement. Now It's your turn- Tidy your pantry, label some jars and email a photo to me (click on the word 'me').

The best looking maker over will be sent this sweet little set from Packagery

  You can check out their blog here. It's pretty beautiful.

* Libby this ones for you lady (should be easy, right?) xoxo


  1. Hello, I've just come over here for the first time from che and fidel. Mightily impressive pantry work here. Lovely blog too. Kellie xx

  2. Hi there. Lovely blog. I did this not too long ago, similar to yours actually. Check out mine. Jade x

  3. I love it! Love that you have a Kitchenaid too.... well done!!

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