Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Mum Is Warm.

It's almost mothers day and I'd really like to treat my mum this year. She deserves a good spoiling for all the amazing things she does for me.

It wasn't until I became a mother myself that I was able to fully appreciate the unspeakable blessing that mothers are. My mum is such a nurturer, it's just who she is. She can't help it. Just yesterday she came to collect The Young Man for their weekly play date, arriving to find a frazzled Emily hurrying around after said young man, collecting items he was excitedly throwing to the floor. I lamented that i had so very much to do, Baby O had no clean wraps, the house was a mess and i had no bloody breast pads left, I was not going to get a rest. With no time to waste (tears were immanent) mum bundled up her grandson AND my washing before tottering out the door, arms laden.

Dusk saw one happy, well fed little dude and a basket full of the freshest smelling washing you can imagine (why does my mothers washing powder always smell better than mine? I know, I know, premium brands...). This is a regular occurrence.

And then there's the mum hugs. Warm and soft. The perfect hug, never to be replicated by another human form. Impossible. Recently, I have found myself yearning to lose a few (lets say 15) post baby kilos, I even went on a silly little diet until I was reminded by the warm embrace of my mother, that mumma's are supposed to be soft, so.. i am- for the sake of my children, naturally.

I'm thinking I'll to get her a few of these sweet little prints from here. I have some at home and I know she likes them..

You should get your mum some too. Then give her a big squeeze and tell her that you love her. alot.

okay, i'm off to have another slice of cheese cake... you know, for the cause.

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  1. Mum and I are so close emotionally, but there are 800km between us that make hugs so tricky. I get to visit a lot but there's nothing like having her around at the drop of a hat. Who knows what I'll do when babies join the family... build a Granny Flat probably!


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