Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Less Than Exceptional

I was a less than exceptional mother yesterday:

A restless nights sleep is cut short by The Young Man banging on his door 'open the door, mumma. Open door please, mumma'. A quick jab to my husbands leg solves that one, however, the cries of the lady baby  can not be remedied by this selfless soul. Breasts required. Day starts.

After making myself a coffee that i have no chance of drinking, I put on playschool, nurse the little one, sort the washing, nurse he little one, empty the dishwasher, nurse the little one, clean the coffee machine and nurse the little one. Playschool Over.

Rain means that a brief respite with friends is called short. Cue grumpy toddler. A nutritious lunch of chocolate eggs and a glass of milk  are served on the couch, in front of playschool. Daytime sleeps are short. Mine, nonexistent.

By 5.30 my sense of humour is well and truly lost under the pile of clean, sorted washing that The Young Man has thrown to the floor (for the 387th time). Husband due home in less than 15 minutes. I calmly walk to the bathroom and run myself a deep hot bath.

Dave's arrival is met with one crying lady baby, one crying toddler, no dinner- but a lovely hot bath waiting for ME, ME, ME! I enthusiastically hop in dunking my head right under the water and holding my breath, stretching my lungs to capacity. There is a reason that John The Baptist baptised man in water- its rejuvenating. I emerge ready for another day.

Oh no, that's not where it ends. Our delicious Indian take away went cold while we put over tired children to sleep, over and over.


  1. Thank you for a realistic insight into what I'm about to embark upon!! Less than 6 weeks until I cuddle my new bub and cope with my 20 month old son at the same time!!!

  2. oh emsy. doesn't sound like fun. although the bath sounds nice...

  3. I hear ya sister! We all have those days. Don't despair. You are a wonderful mother x

  4. It is nice to hear that not everyones day is perfect like we all think! Thanks for a truthful post!
    Rhi xx

  5. Oh lady. I only have one kid and that is enough to realise that having two must be, um, pretty challenging at times (to put it mildly). Hope you can hang in there through the hard days so you can enjoy the sweet moments. So cute that you have an Olive too! Kellie xx

  6. Oh GOD! I am so glad you shared this one...makes me feel less alone! xx

  7. I'm just wowed at what you achieved during Playschool. I generally sit next to toddler and close my eyes for those brief minutes. Not gonna happen any other time ;)

  8. The wise words of my mother echo in my ears... 'this too shall pass'... believe it or not Em... they DO go.. and they go far too quickly! hugs xx

  9. When I have days like this I look at them in amazement with lots of wows......alot !

  10. reminded me of those tough early years with a toddler and newborn. I was so so tired. It gets easier! I now play UNO with my 4 and 6 year olds! Awesome. It will come xx ps. and thank God for the moment our poor husbands walk in the door!

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