Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Make Baby Bloomers From Blouses

1. Gather the things you need, you're not an idiot so i wont list them for you. If you don't have a pattern for some bloomers just cut one from a pair of bloomers you already have... Cut a pattern from some undies if you plan to make these in your size... but please, don't. You can get the 'Simple Sewing For Baby' book here. Or suss out the work of other dorky mummas here.

 My shirt had a frill that I wanted to use on the back of the bloomers...

so I cut it off.

Place pattern on the fold of your shirt and cut it out.

Unfold. You now have the back of your bloomers.

If you want to apply any details like ruffles or ribbons you need to do than now. Pin in place and sew down.

Cut out the front of the bloomers (as seen in photo 3)

Place right sides together and sew your side seams first, followed by the crotch.

Fold the waist over a little, iron, fold again, iron. Sew along the bottom of the fold, leaving open a 1cm gap to thread your elastic.

Cut the sleeves off your shirt

Pin your sleeve (right sides together) to the leg opening making sure it lines up.

like this

Sew and zig zag, do the same with the other leg

Thread elastic through waist (measure the length on your bub first)


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  1. how cute! love bloomers with ruffles. great idea. love in your profile write up that you think you 'pretend' to sew! you're doing better than me. i shall hide this idea away until i have a little one of my own.

    love to come across your blog. very cool to find another cook, crafter and beach lover. a girl after my own heart!

  2. Awesome! What a great use for all my old work blouses that are shoved into the back of my cupboard!

  3. What an ingenius way to upcycle :)
    Gorgeous bloomers.

  4. The bloomers are cute and recycling is always good. I've made bloomers using Lotta's pattern before with ruffles as well.

  5. Oh Em! They are just too cute!!! I'd make some - but I don't think the boys would appreciate it! LOL

  6. Gee whizz you are far too clever! It exhausts me just thinking about doing anything like this. Well done you.
    Will you do my montage challenge? See here

  7. your bloomers turned out so well. love the ruffles
    i've saved old dresses to make little skirts but have yet to proceed.
    this is inspiring. thank you

  8. Ooh these are very cute! i think i might just have to make some :) x

  9. oh thanks for the inspiration clever one! i'm going to make some for my baby for sure. i have some suitable op-shop finds somewhere in my messy cupboards.


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