Monday, April 18, 2011


I like Ikea, alot. I like to write really long lists before I make my voyage to this glorious place. I like to thumb the catalogue and scour the web site for hours upon hours, just to make sure i don't miss anything that i really need. I like to tally up the cost of all my items to confirm that i am indeed getting   a great deal.

I like to do this often. 

At present I am lusting after new dining chairs... you know, to replace the Fantastic Furniture ones we bought for our first house, some 9 years ago.  The idea of having miss matched vinatge chairs appeals to me so I have been checking ebay and op shops to try and find some that have been pre (ehum) warmed. 

But if i had to add some to my ikea list, it would be these.
I'm also really into these 

from here.

This is some pretty serious stuff, I'm glad i got it off my chest.

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