Wednesday, April 13, 2011

and the journey ends...

At 6 am the sound of the KitchenAid filled my sleepy (and slightly grumpy) ears. Our cocoa beans were ground manually, then pumped through the food grinder a few times before being stirred over hot water turning them into...well... chocolate. Delicious Dark Chocolate.

Tonight is River Cottage night (more about that later) and we plan to devour this over priced, time consuming chocolate with a glass of red wine and some of our besties.

Also, who watched the ship go down?


  1. I watched it! I watched it!!! ..... with YOU. (sorta) : )


  2. yah!! i can't believe we missed it by a second! xxx

  3. Hi Emily, well a big congratulations on starting your new blog!! Looks great and don't despair, it can take a while to get going but you'll get there! Just be active on other people's blogs and participate and you will find its a very supportive little community. About my only feedback is... where the heck is the link to MY blog on your sidebar?!
    btw are you a central coastie? I am but didnt make it to the boat, I did have helicopters flying over my house all day though! Good luck!

  4. I saw it! Kaapow! Nice blog Em and nice chocolate too.

  5. Hi Nicole! Thanks for your advice!! Yes, i'll need to remedy the sidebar issue- i thought clicking 'follow' put it there, but obviously not!

    Yes, im a coastie, we went down to Avoca to watch it glug, after 2 hours of waiting we left. It sunk 20 mins later.

    Yossie, here begins the next step in our long and beautiful friendship ;)

    Amy, i love you man.

  6. did i do this commenting this correctly? should i have posted a comment to each person...? this is no facebook ;)

  7. Is it wrong to want to dip my whole face in that overpriced chocolate? It's just so silky ...

  8. Hello there, that chocolate looks very chocolatey indeed. Where did you find cocoa beans???!!!

  9. ER, yum. Looks fantastic!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em