Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Life with young children is a big thing. It's fast and it's slow and it's boring. Lately, upon opening my eyes at the dawn of each new day, I've been met with exhaustion and a feeling of overwhelm. There is either nothing to do or too much to do all at once. No in-between.

It's the nature of being the sole parent during the daylight hours. It's the nature of being the primary disciplinarian day in, day out. It's the nature of being so deep down exhausted that your brain won't function.

The love I have for my children is so vast it's otherworldly. I literally ache for them and when I kiss their warm little foreheads at night, my breath is taken away and I get a pain in chest only remedied by long deep breath and a 'thank you Jesus'.

I'm grateful for them. They're the best thing I've ever made.

But truth be told, some days I don't parent them as well as I ought. Partly from lack of trying, partly from lack of ability. Mostly from sheer exhaustion.

I leave the TV on for too long, I snap responses as I unenthusiastically spread jam on wholemeal bread and I let my mind wander when they're telling me sweet stories.

It's been 6 years of stay at home parenting and I am fatigued with a capital F (off).

As a result we're making some changes here at The Beetle Shack to ensure that we spend our time well. To be certain that we're providing the best we possibly can for our kids.

Our days at home together are numbered. Zeph starts school next year and everything will change so we're dead set determined to make the most of the time we have.

More time together.

More time in the sun, less time in front of the telly. More home cooked meals, less take away. More ease, less stress.

More balance.

Spring is here, the sun is shining* and the whole world is ready to play.

I'm really interested to know, after how many years of solo stay at home parenting did you REALLY feel like you couldn't go on? Or is it just me?

 *totally got sunburnt while having a cafe coffee with a girlfriend yesterday. Yes, that's right I had a cafe coffee and delicious french toast. all time.  i know.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Tullia styles the Bohemian Traders Peasant Plaid Shirt

Look 1 | Jacket from Op-Shop; Boots from Paris Fle Flea-market in Portugal
Look 2 | Dress from Roxy
Look 3 | Pants from Kmart; Shoes from Target

Tull is one of those lovely individuals who makes you feel at home whenever you are with her.  She is an art teacher, and such an asset to her school - creating an array of extra-curricular programs for the kids; organising street art workshops with local artists; and giving over and above to everything! I had the privilege of running an illustration workshop in her classroom and saw first hand the students respect for Miss Price and their consequent love of the subject. This is Tulls style - if she believes something is worth her while - it's all in.

From Tull:

Your personal style

Relaxed. Classic layers are my thing - with fun vintage accessories for a bit of edge.

What you like about this piece

It's smart, colourful and timeless. (Also just quietly - it's the posher version of a flanno!)

Favourite places to shop

My local Second hand store.

Most important element in a garment


Favourite season


Something more important than fashion

Good company.

Post by Nicole

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Spring is the perfect time for walking in the forest.. The air is cool and the fragrance of freshly blooming eucalypt, banksia and lomandra is sweet to the senses. Not to mention the abundance of  tiny wildflowers littering the ground with fresh bursts of colour. The morning light leaves one breathless with it's hazy green gold beauty. Midday brings a long forgotten heat, and the shady canopy becomes all the more inviting for a well deserved afternoon nap. 

I've always loved trees, and all shades of green. I love seeing how people bring the forest into their homes too - be it wallpaper, table settings, indoor plants, botanical prints.. and find it inspires me all the more to wander outside.

On that note I will have to get onto planning my next adventure through the forest with a picnic basket and good company.

Images sourced from Bohemian Traders Pinterest boards
Post by Nicole

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Ahoy there! This week I've been wearing my Ahoy dresses in both red and navy. I like the red for casual and the navy for you know, like, dressy stuff… 'cus I do dressy stuff all the time. But really, you know those accessions where you don't want to wear jean shorts and a tee, but you don't want to wear a full on frock either? That's when the Ahoy comes in handy. It's Smart Casual to a T.

I've sized up in this dress as I'm generously proportioned around the hip area and I don't like things clinging. 


Shoes | Country Road | Madewell