Thursday, July 30, 2015


By Lauren Merrick 

Waking up is by far the hardest part of a market day for me - especially in winter. I wake up well before the sun, bleary eyed I get dressed, put makeup on, do my hair and maybe enjoy a couple of sips of tea and make some raisin toast to munch on in my 1 - 2 hour drive to the market. To keep me awake if I'm on my own sing my lungs out to a bit of Beyonce, or chat with my husband or sister or parents (whoever I've bribed with the promise of delicious market food to come and help me). Set up is always a bit of a pain, unloading the car, moving the car, setting up the gazebo, realising I've forgotten a display or don't have enough stock of a certain item, making sure I'm ready to go for the lovely people who come to experience. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


By Sophie Hansen

Apple snow does have a ring of ‘nursery food’ to it but that’s not such a bad thing is it? And this simple, gentle recipe is one of the best ways I know cook with apples as it really does showcase the fruit’s flavour in pure, unadulturated glory.

Monday, July 27, 2015


By Alison Vassallo

Firstly a big hello, and thanks to Emily for having me!  As a long-time personal reader of The Beetle Shack, it’s a privilege to be writing here.  
I’ve run my own online vintage business for some years now, and it’s led me to discover some wonderful markets (often before dawn!), and also parts of the world.  Hopefully I can share a little of my own thoughts on vintage style based what I have seen, take you on some ‘virtual’ tours through some amazing markets, and also write a little about solo travel…a new-found passion of mine, and something I would recommend to anyone.
Today though, is about vintage style in France, and how the French approach buying for their home.  In Australia, we tend to follow trends more closely.  We have successful magazines presenting us the latest interior trends, and this can help us choose what to buy.  Possibly things like copper, concrete planters, bunting, rattan, multi-coloured felt ball rugs, anything with a chevron print.  Sound familiar?  

Friday, July 24, 2015


 By Seren Shutte

Part 2

In The Middle Of Somewhere

Traveling 5500km's into Outback Australia with a two kids under five, sleeping in a tent and cooking over a camping stove every night for weeks, may not be your idea of the best holiday….can I tell you though - it was INCRDEIBLE!